Hi, my name's Chris
I'm a freelance web developer


the intellectual tools of my trade

The basic building-blocks of any website. Great structure here means a great final product, and having an intimate knowledge and understanding of HTML is crutial to any on-line application's quality.
Accurately translating your design to your on-line application and ensuring it works perfectly on any device will dictate your user experience. Styling through style sheets will work closely with your HTML structure to achieve a lasting impression.
You see the cool animation above? Or maybe the one next to the contact form below? Those, along with many other interactions, are controlled by some very clever JavaScript code running behind the scenes, all making your experience so much smoother.
jQuery & jQuery Mobile
A state-of-the-art JavaScript framework, jQuery not only makes JavaScript development faster and more efficient, but it also ensures it remains robust and extensible, essential aspects to keep in mind when designing a successful web application.
My server-side coding lanuage of choice. Fast, efficient and flexible - just what any web application needs to house its logic.
My database management system of choice. Works seamlessly with PHP to provide reliable and efficient database management.
Zend Framework
A PHP framework for building MVC-orientated web applications. Having experience with both ZF1 and ZF2 has helped me build many agile web applications, all following the MVC-paradigm approach.
WordPress Theme Development
I'm capable of building custom WordPress themes and making them available for distribution. This is the latest of my skills to join the ranks. Got Blog?


some of the work I've done

Pro Store
Pro Store
Pro Store - Free On-Line Store Builder And E-Commerce Tools

Pro Store was originally conceived from the needs of the SME market for better tools and limited budgets. This project involved many facets of architectural and visual design, and I currently still head-up the project and am actively involved in its continuous development and growth.

Implementing many aspects, from a flexible theme engine down to the PDF reporting, Pro Store offers any business owner a free platform to create and manage their own on-line store.

Technologies: PHP, MySQL, Zend Framework 2, jQuery, CSS3, HTML5, Twitter Bootstrap

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Cavalry Media
Cavalry Media
Cavalry Media

An integrated digital communications agency created in 2010, Cavalry Media has established itself as a leader in the ICT sector, offering a range of services to provide their clients with complete and proficient solutions.

From a small opportunity to collaborate in mid-2013, I continue to work closely with Cavalry Media to help develop and deliver cutting-edge digital communication solutions, all within their own broad range of requirements. It remains an opportunity I'm very grateful to have received, and one I would never take for granted.

Technologies: PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, jQuery, CSS, HTML5, CSS3, Web Services

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Commissioned Work: Walking Droids Powered With JavaScript

A small commissioned work by a private client, the challenge was to push the limits of animation and to create something that could run on any device supporting JavaScript. The result - these little guys can be added to any website, multiplied and customised, and don't require a lot of processing power!

Technologies: JavaScript, jQuery, CSS

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